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Esta é uma abrangente, cronológica lista das mortes que ocorreram dentro de Scream Queens da FOX.

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# Nome Episódio Causa da Morte Assassino Em-Tela Notas
1 Sophia Piloto Sangramento pós-parto N/A Não Morte causada indiretamente por suas amigas, que preferiram dançar sua música a ajudá-la
2 Agatha Bean Cabeça afundada na fritadeira Chanel OberlinDiabo Vermelho (provavelmente) Sim Uma pessoa desconhecida (supostamente Diabo Vermelho) ligou a fritadeira enquanto deveria estar desligada para a brincadeira de Chanel.
3 Sonya Herfmann Esfaqueada no ombro e na cabeça Diabo Vermelho Sim Primeira vítima do Diabo Vermelho.
4 Tiffany DeSalle Head run over by riding lawn mower Yes Her death is the first to be known by the Authorities.
5 Shondell Washington Hell Week Impaled through throat with knife Partly Red Devil was seen approaching her from behind with a knife, she is then found dead by Denise.
6 Aaron Cohen Chainsaw Decapitated with chainsaw Yes Was killed while wearing the new university mascot costume Coney the Cone.
7 Mandy Greenwell Haunted House Stabbed multiple times Partly Killed in her trailer, body found at the Shady Lane house.
8 Dodger Pumpkin Patch Gutted with hedge shears Partly Attacked by Red Devil quickly approaching him from behind and screams for help, but then is gutted with hedge shears and dead body is left lifeless in maze.
9 Caulfield Mount Herman Seven Minutes in Hell Axed twice in the stomach, decapitated with axe. Yes Died while the Dollar Scholars and Chanel watched
10 Sam Suffocated with a sheet of plastic Yes Is the first victim to know the Red Devil's true identity
11 Roger Shot three times in the head with a nail gun, then nail gun unloaded into his face. Yes Killed right in front of Chanel #5, the Red Devil chooses to let Chanel #5 live.
12 Steven Munsch Beware of Young Girls Dismembered Cathy Munsch No Feather is framed and imprisoned for his death.
13 Jennifer Mommie Dearest Stabbed in the head with kitchen knife Red Devil Yes Died while making a candle blog video, found on dining table covered in candle wax.
14 Mary Mulligan Drunk driving accident Herself No Was revealed to Grace by Chanel along with the fact that Bethany was Grace's mother and she changed her name to Mary Mulligan.
15 Earl Grey Ghost Stories Stabbed in the back with a knife Red Devil (Boone Clemens) Yes Boone reveals to Earl that he's the Red Devil before Early dies.
16 Random Truck Driver Attacked by a machete Red Devil Yes Was trying to save Chanel #5 from getting killed by the Red Devil.
17 Boone Clemens Stabbed in the chest with a knife Yes Boone and his sister originally planned on murdering Gigi Caldwell but instead of Gigi his own sister killed Boone.
18 Hester Ulrich Pushed down the stairs Chanel Oberlin Yes Chanel pushed her so that she could get Chad Radwell back. Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 were watching.
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